Numerology Compatibility Reading with Chart
45 minutes - 150.00

From a very early age, Candace has felt an undeniable desire to
assist others in finding answers, so she became a teacher.
She has taught in schools across the United States and in other countries and although through her skill as an educator and her very dedicated service to others she fulfilled a great need for herself and others, she still felt there was so much more.

The teacher than become a student to further search and research
a lifelong yearning for spiritual truth. Simultaneously as a teacher
and a student her horizons broadened beyond Earth's shores to other dimensions that others only questioned or possibly dreamt about.

As she became proficient as a Psychic Medium and Healer, she
felt that she now had a spiritual responsibility to assist the living
by not only offering information that would promote emotional
healing, personal insight and a better understanding of the afterlife, but to once again become a teacher sharing her new found wisdom with others.

Candace has come full circle from student to teacher,
to student once again and finally the ultimate teacher in all worlds;
the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

She lovingly shares her knowledge so people searching for
answers and not knowing where to turn can find peace and solace.
Candace reveals this mystical and esoteric wisdom in a very
practical and logical style so that even the skeptical non-believer
recognizes and understands its truth.

She is assisted by guides, guardians, and most of all God to send
the right message. Candace assists clients from all over the world without blame and neediness, and lets them know that they have a choice; they have the power to change their lives for the better,
and that they are loved.

However, being the messenger was not enough for Candace.
She believes that as she can do, you can, too.

With this in mind, she offers many classes and just as she was a
huge success imparting scholastic knowledge, she is a great
instructor in taking students from arcane kindergarten to graduate
work so that you too can be student, teacher, psychic medium,
healer and more.

She teaches in the State of Indiana and is sometimes available for classes in other states.

If you are interested, please Email her with all of the details so
that she can help you, too.

She is proficient and available in the following courses:
Children's Spiritual Growth, Numerology
Psychic Development, Spirit Art

A psychic reading from Candace will give you insight, self-knowledge and the forecasts you need to plan for your success and happiness.
Tarot Card Reading
30 minutes - 50.00
1 hour - 90.00
Combo Reading - Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot
30 minutes - 60.00
1 hour - 100.00
Three Deck Reading
45 minutes - 100.00
1 hour - 120.00
Numerology Reading with Chart
45 minutes - 120.00
Your reading can be in person at Camp Chesterfield, IN, on the telephone or Skype, which do you prefer?
Minister, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Spirit Artist, Numerologist and Teacher

Rev. Candace Smith is a Spiritualist Minister at Camp Chesterfiled.
She trained as a medium to work with Spirit and as a counselor to work with her clients. She uses her skills as a clairvoyant, tarot reader and numerologist to help people on their path.

She has a background in teaching school, art, and metaphysics.
She has taught in Canada, The Virgin Islands, and the USA.

She has a Masters Degree in Teaching, and Special Education
along with a Masters in Commercial Art.

She studied at Camp Chesterfield from 1983 -1994
where she obtained her ordination as a Spiritualist Minister.

Candace currently resides and serves Camp Chesterfield as a minister and teacher.

Be on time.
Come with an open mind.
Don't be nervous.

There really isn't anything spooky about it, but first-timers can be a little intimidated.

Take a few deep breaths and just RELAX.

Don't cross your arms or legs;
this can block energy between you and the Psychic Medium, whether it is in person or a phone reading.

Don't start talking and asking a lot of questions up front.
Let the reader do the talking.
See what she has to say first.
If you are telling the reader everything about yourself,
then you are not getting a reading.
Later you don't want t to think that the Psychic Medium was influenced by what you said.
You'll be able to ask questions at the end of the session.

Allow the Psychic Medium to proceed at their own speed.


Do not shake your head "no" even if the Psychic Medium is telling you things that you do not agree with, understand at the time, or don't want to hear.
Be open to the information, write it down, and see what manifests in the future.
Also, because you are receiving so much information in a relatively short time, you may not realize the relevance until later when you process what was shared with you.
After all, you are here to see what lies ahead!

Shaking your head "no" can be disconcerting and interrupt the energy flow between you, the Psychic Medium and Spirit.

Have a list of questions.
After the reading is finished, you'll be asked if you have any questions.
You will be surprised at how many of the questions were already answered, maybe all of them.

Take notes to remind you if you need more details or clarification at the end of your reading and also to help you remember later as to what was said.

Some people try to "test" the reader.
They'll ask, "What did I have for breakfast today?"
or "What is my mother's name?"
While there are some psychics who may be able to answer these questions, you can't reasonably expect a reader to know everything,
but why waste her time and your money ?
You will receive information that will validate the reading to your satisfaction.
A medium receives messages but not always the ones you expect to hear.
Remember, you always have free will.

Part of the reason you may want to get a reading is so that you can make the changes in your life that will be advantageous to you.

Do not attempt to prolong the reading unless you are prepared to pay for it.
Psychic Mediums are highly trained individuals, just like a doctor or plumber and deserve to be paid for their time just like you.

A Psychic Medium realizes when Spirit is gone or there is no more information available to share with you at that time,
and she will let you know.

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