One basic philosophy of Spiritualism is the belief that man is a dual being possessing a physical and spiritual component.  After death, man transitions into the Spirit World, ever evolving through hierarchical spheres with the capability to communicate with the living.

Having no voice of their own, the spirit "channels" their thoughts through the voice of gifted individuals called Mediums.  Often acting as guides for the living, these spirits offer a glimpse into the "other side" and teach the living that there is indeed an afterlife.

Today a typical Séance lasts about two to three hours.  Different occasions will sometimes elicit different outcomes.

Spiritual Phenomena that can possibly and typically occur is table tipping, apports, trance, dead trance or more.  Tools that can be used are Writing Slates and Séance Trumpets possibly with cones levitating and vibrating.  Once a Spirit has left the room the Séance Trumpet will crash to the floor marking the end of the Séance.

The first Spirit or Séance Trumpets were often homemade and produced from an assortment of metals.  It was not until the early 1900's that E.A. Eckel began to offer Séance Trumpets from his tin shop in Anderson, Indiana.  From dedicated research it would appear that Mr. Eckel's was the very first person to make Séance Trumpets commercially. 

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