How Does Physical Mediumship Producing and Spiritual Phenomena Work?

Not everybody is aware that Physical Mediumship takes place in two totally different ways.

The traditional view within the Spiritualist Movement is that phenomena can only be presented by spirit helpers using the controversial substance known as 'ectoplasm'.  This method has been used by Physical Mediums and their guides and helpers since 1848.  Generally, it involves just one physical medium, who is usually in deep trance throughout the proceedings sitting in a Séance Circle.

The 'ectoplasm' is exuded from the physical medium's body (from any or all of the body's natural orifices) and can be molded by the spirit guides and helpers to form a solid 'materialization' of a spirit person, which can often be positively identified by friends and relatives of the spirit person. For the manipulation and levitation of objects such as a Séance Trumpet for amplification of direct-voice communication from spirit in the Séance Room.  In every case, the ectoplasm remains connected by an umbilical cord-like structure to the medium whilst phenomena takes place.

The second view and more modern method of producing phenomena is by way of an energy-based procedure.  It is a process where all participants, one or a group concentrate their "energies" in connecting with Spirit.  This form of phenomena has been extensively researched in the past by centers in many countries, particularly Russia and Germany, but now a great deal of research is being done right here in the United Sates.  There may indeed be one or more mediums in a group where this method is being used.  They may, or may not necessarily be used in deep trance; sometimes, the group are not even aware of who the medium or mediums might be!  The spiritual energies of all the group members are blended and involved in the energy-based process.  Groups of this sort should start out in semi-darkness or total darkness, although it can be done with illumination as well.

The energy that is used by the group is a blend of three different types of energy which, when mixed together, provides one creative energy, which can then be used by the group or individual in a physical way to demonstrate the phenomena which is produced.

These 3 forms of energy are:

  1. Spiritual energy taken from all the sitters in the group.
  2. Spirit energy brought by the spirit team from the spirit world, especially for the purposes of their producing the 'creative energy' needed at a particular sitting.
  3. Columns or 'pillars' of natural earth energy which exists in certain geographical locations around the world. By their work, groups sitting for physical phenomena can attract one of these columns of energy to them for the work, or even create a new column in the place where the seat.