There have been Pyramids in Egypt and South America for five to six thousand years or more.  During that time legends and curses have flowed the like the water of the Nile.  The power is unquestionable, but what exactly is this mysterious Pyramid energy and what does it do?

The pyramid effect is an interesting and mysterious phenomenon.  In recent years, Pyramidology has experienced resurgence in popularity.  Research, experiments and tests in medical laboratories and science centers have confirmed that Pyramids do emit a specific energy that does appear to neutralize geopathic zones, powerful anti stress effect, slows aging processes by enhancing immune system, increases the vitality of cellular tissue, slows development of negative processes in living organisms, reduces negative influence of the environment on humans and nature

Sleeping under a large Copper Pyramid has several benefits.  Less sleep is required, stimulates lucid dreams, and puts the mind in a creative mood when you are awake.

Meditation while using a Copper Pyramid is a powerful combination.  Pyramid energy enhances and facilitates a deep relaxing alpha/theta state.

Our Copper Pyramids are built utilizing the Sacred Geometry ratios of the Great Pyramids at Giza.

It is a powerful personal tool for achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, the mental, and the physical levels.  The sovereign energy of the Pyramid is unique and powerful as the energy within the healing meditation Pyramid bounces from the equal sides of its edges and collects in the center. 

You can use the energy of the Pyramid for improving the taste and quality of food and beverages; water, coffee, wine and fruit juices.  Milk will stay fresh longer under a Pyramid.  Fruits stay fresh longer under a Pyramid.  Pyramid energy even sharpens razor blades.

In Pyramid Therapy no medical diagnosis is necessary or required to initiate the healing process. The Pyramid power detoxifies, repairs imperfections of the energy flow in the body, and brings cells and tissues back to their healthy state.  Pyramid Therapy is powerful and at the same time non-invasive.  Undergoing Pyramid Healing simply means sitting inside the Pyramid and relax. 

Small Copper Pyramid    

Medium Copper Pyramid    

Meditation Copper Pyramid    

Meditation Copper Pyramid with Orgone Generator 
Greatly amplifies the therapeutic action of the pyramid