Some of the world famous Mediums who have satisfactorily used our Séance Trumpets and loved them are:

Florence Harwood Becker
Donald Desmond
Bill English
Ruby Klutz
Gladys Stromme
Charlie Swan

More Testimonials:

After only a few weeks of sitting with my Séance Trumpet in meditation, I took it with me to a Trumpet Class at Camp Chesterfield.  The room was completely dark and I was in trance, so I did not realize that my Séance Trumpet had been up in the air until the lights came back on and I found my Trumpet over in a corner about fifteen feet from where it had been sitting.  There were others in the room that said my name was called out through the Trumpet  -  Elizabeth O.

Hi.  Last year I bought a Séance Trumpet from you and you said at that stage that you still had a few left.  I'm hoping you still have one I could buy and I believe you said you knew the older man who made them.  Would you mind asking if he knows anyone who made slate writing boards for the Séance as I would like to get one or two of those, too.  Also - if you do talk to this man please tell him that my spirit team love his trumpet and we have managed to get it moving around the room - Marion, Australia