What is a Séance Trumpet

A Séance Trumpet is an instrument used for the amplification of direct-voice communication from Spirit during a Séance.

About Our Séance Trumpets

The Séance Trumpets are made as closely as possible to the Séance Trumpets of 1850 after taking into consideration current materials and tools.

They are sold to "Mediums" all over the world - famous Mediums and those Mediums just starting, and they tell us that they have been used with startling results.

This is the Number One selling Séance Trumpet at Lily Dale, NY and Camp Chesterfield, IN and has been for over 30 years.

Modern Seance Trumpets

One is expanded to its full length.  The other is closed, nestled within itself for easy transport and storage.

Student Séance Trumpet         35.00
At full extension the three pieces measure 31.5 " long

Professional Séance Trumpet         45.00
At full extension the four pieces measure 40.5" long
This one is favored by most professional Mediums

Luminous Bands, each           5.00
During séances, trumpets typically float about in a dimly lit room.
A luminous band at the end of the horn helps participants distinguish
its movements in the dark.

Novelty "Baby" Séance Trumpet         20.00
At full extension the three pieces measure 13.5 " long

Séance Trumpet Earrings, approx 1.5" long         10.00

Copper Séance Trumpet         333.33
Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered

Sterling Silver Séance Trumpet     2,380.22
Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered

10K Gold Trumpet     24,998.88
Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered

Spirit Tools; a 32 page manual            4.99
Séance Trumpets, Writing Slates, Séance procedures, their history and how to use them.

Spirit Tools, complete book             Enter Information
Please place yourself on the waiting list and you will receive an autographed copy at publication.

Custom text and line graphic can be personally engraved by hand on the outside of your Séance Trumpet.  Contact us for the price of your custom text and line graphic before you place your order.

Copper, Sterling and 10l Gold prices are predicated on the current prices.

Product Details

Your Séance Trumpet is constructed of light weight aluminum like the older ones and comes with instructions on how to develop Séance Trumpet Mediumship.  It is professionally handmade in Chesterfield, Indiana, like they have been for over 100 hundred years.  This model is loved by many Mediums.  It has three or four pieces that are telescopic cones that fit snugly one inside another, making it easy to store or transport and easy to assemble.  Collapsed the Séance Trumpet is 11.5 inches long, 5/8 inch at the tip, and 5 1/2 inches at base.  The Séance Trumpet weighs approximately 5.60 ounces