Humankind makes use of available energy in many forms to exercise its collective will.

Of all the available energy forms, none is more ubiquitous than that of electrical power. This is due to the ease in which it may be generated, transmitted, distributed, accessed and   transduced into other forms such as mechanical, magnetic, sonic, photonic, chemical and thermal energies, to name a few. This, combined with the fact of its potency, make it the best carrier of energy.

Due to the prodigious effort that has been placed into development of electronic technologies, a very important consideration of energy has come to light - the aspect  of energy transfer. Findings in this area have led to the inception of a new energy science called

Quantum Energy Dynamics - (QED)

==the study of how energy is deployed==

The use of energy on this planet is multifaceted and complex, with exceedingly few organisations and/or individuals working in this field.
As will be demonstrated in this document, the efficiency of attainment of some result, in at least three primary areas of physics (electrical, mechanical and magnetic), is often only 50% of what is potentially possible. It is also conceivable that similar errors exist in the other areas of thermodynamics, photonics and chemical substance.

This is due to losses having their origin in Newtons Third Law of Action and Reaction (otherwise refered to as The Law of Equilibrium).

Whenever energy is used to passively initiate some process, such as the charging of a capacitor, the accelerating of an object or the creation of a magnetic field, a 50% loss in transfer of energy from source to destination inevitably takes place due to the reactionary forces being returned from destination to source.

By REACTIVELY applying the energy in the same situation, this 50% loss can be   circumvented - with the end result being only 50% of the energy is now required to perform the same task.

The implications of the discovery of this new science are positively staggering and will lead to a new era of technological advancement and a bright, new future for humankind, sought since the beginning of time..

Due to the enormity of the scope of this matter, it is suggested that you read this paper once initially and sometime later at a second sitting, then at a third.

If your mind has not been "blown", you have not understood it.

Far from being an obscure, "specialist" science, QED has application in ALL areas of human endeavour. This is due to the fact that everything, in its ultimate analsys, can be seen to be energy. Everything IS energy and has come into creation to change how energy is transformed. The findings of QED are just as applicable to business, finance, education, politics, all kinds of human trade, all the other sciences and even that of human relationships and interaction.

"In the end, the answer will be seen to have been in the approach."

An understanding of QED shows us us that we have been labouring under the weight of misconceptions, misunderstandings and misinformation virtually since time began.

We tend to approach problems with only a surface-level of understanding about the nature of the problem. We tend to "throw" energy and money at it and, in doing so, waste an incredible amount of energy.

On reflection, it becomes obvious just how widespread this problem actually is and how it creeps into every one of our activites  because everything IS energy, then everything that we do - and indeed, everything that HAPPENS is an exchange of energy.

It has been determined that the average citizen of Australia is responsible for the consumption of over 200kWhr worth of energy per day and uses around 40-50kWhr of that JUST in domestic activities.

To put this number in perspective, 1 kWhr is about 1.3 times the energy a horse can deliver over a one hour period.

Because this energy is supplied in the form of electricity, we cannot SEE the enormity of its quantity and therefore tend to ignore it, simply go on with our activities and pay for usage when the bill arrives - without a single thought as to how much it has been wasted, simply gone up in smoke for want of a moment's consideration.

When QED techniques become part of standard education and its principles adopted throughout the entire gamut of modern technology, we will find we have more than enough energy to achieve what we want and the crushing need to destroy our planet in the name of energy "growth" will be a thing of the past.

The following pages illustrate how QED reveals the problem of the 50% wastage in three primary areas of physics - electronics, mechanics and magnetism.


Part 1 - Electromagnetics
Part 2 - Magnetoelectrics
Part 3 - Mechanics